Monday, August 15, 2011

My Reel

Here's a link to my director reel - the second scene is my favorite scene from The Big Deal. This was the last scene we filmed, we did three takes even though we nailed it on the first. The last scene is from Love Song, my first film. Enjoy.
Lucy Rodriguez Filmmaker Reel

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Imagen Award Winner Best Theatrical Short - The Big Deal

I am beyond words right now. All I can say is follow your dreams - I'm following mine and it feels great.
I met so many inspirational people tonight.  I share this award with my friends, family, the cast, the crew, my Mateo and my Chicana Role Model, Michele Serros.

Now back to work on preproduction for The Brown Widow and Alone.



That's me with Esai Morales who won Best Actor for Gun Hill Road - the film also won Best Picture

Friday, August 12, 2011

Imagen Awards Tonight

I'm super excited and I can't believe it's finally here. Any excuse to get dressed up is a good one. My husband and I are going to make a date night out of it. I wish my sister was coming with us but she's filming an episode of Against the Wall (Lifetime) in Toronto. I'm looking forward to meeting all the nominees.  It is an honor to be in such great company.

I'm currently writing the next short - The Brown Widow, my first horror script my sister and I will be producing and I will be directing. We've cast the film  (now we need to ask the actors) but they are our friends and we know they will jump on board - more on that soon. Ona doesn't want to be in it,  she wants to focus on the producing aspect. We are projecting an end of year shoot and then Alone in NYC either April or late June of 2012.

I'm developing two feature scripts and I'm looking to option one that's ready for production. I'm also taking a writing class at UCLA and contemplating enrolling in one of their certificate programs. I'm undecided whether I should go for the screenwriting program or the creative writing nonfiction program.  I need to make sure I can juggle this along with my full time job and still have time for directing classes with Judith Weston.

I'm looking forward to tonight. I'm so grateful for the reception this film has received.