Friday, August 29, 2014

Broad Humor

Day of the Girl will screen on September 6th at the Broad Humor Film Festival held at the Electric Lodge in Venice Beach, CA.

Day of the Girl is playing in the Dark and Darker shorts program because it's you know, dark and gory and bloody aaaaaand funny. We get to screen in the same program as our friends over at Dizzydent Films (Teri and Pepa) who costar in DotG. They have two films screening, Leave the Light On & Crusty (Sunday at 2pm), yes, they are over achievers! Looking forward to watching all the films in our program and the rest of the festival.

This will most likely be the films last public screening before I premiere it online.

4pm - Dark and Darker shorts program•(Spiders) Want My Body 2
•Unfortunately 4
•Dead End 7
•Meet the Ladybugs 4
•Moustache 20
•Leave the Light On 5
•The Roast Cook 8
•Day of the Girl 3
•Anchovies 15
Hope to see you there,


Saturday, August 2, 2014


I am applying to Emerging Voices, a literary fellowship for new writers who lack access. It has been a time consuming endeavor mostly because of the anxiety and stress that kicks in whenever I do something creative.  I attended the final reading of the 2014 fellows on Wednesday and decided to kick self-doubt and anxiety to the curb. I want this so badly I can see myself standing on that stage next year but I also know the odds. It’s an extremely competitive program with applicants who have been at this a lot longer than me.  I have poured my soul answering the questions and hope my desire to be one of the chosen six comes through in my application. I'm working on Take the A Train, a collection of coming of age stories set in Washington Heights, as of now, the pieces are a combination of memoir and creative non-fiction. 

I’ve been in writing mode for a while, haven’t given much thought to filmmaking until yesterday. Matt and I went to First Friday in our neighborhood and one of the businesses, a law office, had a pop up art show. We snapped this picture, being silly and enjoying ourselves when an idea for another microbudget ($300) horror picture gifted itself to me. Creativity fuels creativity, Thank You writing and filmmaking Goddesses.
I'd like to take another class with Judith Weston, probably the director intensive workshop, sneak a short film in, enroll in two writing classes and of course working on my book. I'm really hoping to get into Emerging Voices and if I do, I will dedicate all my creative time to the fellowship so I need to squeeze in as much as possible before the end of the year.