Sunday, April 13, 2014

VONA Workshop

A few months ago, I posted about all the writing projects I'm working on. You can find the post here.

I applied to VONA with one of the short stories for my coming of age memoir. I'm still thinking of fictionalizing it but for now, it's a memoir/creative non fiction piece.

I was accepted into the memoir writing section taught by Andrew X. Pham.  I'll be spending the last week of June at UC Berkeley in Northern California.

I'm kind of petrified by the whole thing, I will be surrounded by people in MFA programs, people who do this for a living, ambitious writers, published writers.... Ay Dios Mio, what did I get myself into! I'm up to the challenge and I'm looking forward to conquering my fears and slaying the demons of self doubt.

Day of the Girl updates

Latin Horror did a recap of Hollywood Horror Fest 2014 - Morgan and I were interviewed by Tyger.

Another cool article mentions Day of the Girl.

I am so grateful that my $300 film was so well liked.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day of the Girl Screening in Los Angeles

Day of the Girl will screen on Saturday, March 29 at 1:10pm - New Beverly Cinema as part of
Hollywood HorrorFest.

It's a free festival and they have an excellent lineup of shorts, features and a great panel - come out and support

4.40pm – 7.00pm – PANEL – “How to Finance, Produce, Sell & Distribute Your Indie Horror” – a panel of industry lawyers, producers, sales agents, directors and distributors TICKETS FREE

Hollywood HorrorFest


International Women's Day

Las Contemporaneas of the Museum of Ventura County held their First Annual Latina Short Film Festival on March 8th 2014. They were generous enough to screen both The Big Deal and Day of the Girl.

I was moved by the audience’s love and appreciation of both films. I am always humbled when I get such a great reaction to my work, it makes me proud of what I have achieved and motivates me to keep going.

The Chicana Role Model gave a fabulous
 I was honored with a spiffy award

Accepting my award

People want a feature film based on How to Be a Chicana Role Model - fingers crossed we make this happen.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day of the Girl

We are almost certain the film will premier on International Woman's Day (3/8/14).

The film is now titled Day of the Girl.

Details coming soon:-)

2014 My Writing Year

Whenever I notice I'm neglecting the blog, I always say I need to blog more. This time,  I have a good reason for the long absence, I am WRITING.

I took four memoir writing classes at Santa Monica College last year.  It was challenging writing such personal stories and sharing them with a room full of strangers. There were days when I didn't want to write or go to class. I didn't want to visit the past, I had already spent a hell of a time living it, getting help in the form of therapy, shedding the old skin, purging bad habits and healing. I am here in the present, where life is the best it's ever been BUT the stories want to claw their way out of me and I have this driving desire to rip them out and put them out to world.  Writing what will eventually be a memoir started draining me physically and emotionally by the end of 2013.  I didn't want to stop writing so I put the memoir to the side and started writing about another time in my life.

I wrote about a crazy experience from my teenage years. This is the piece that's occupying most of my time. I want to get it as polished as possible and use it as a writing sample to apply to a writer's program. It will be part of a book of short stories about coming of age in Washington Heights.

I do miss working on the memoir.  I will take it up again in about two weeks when I'm done with the fiction piece.   I plan to divide my writing time between the memoir, the short stories and my screenplays.

I'm looking forward to all the great things 2014 has in store for me.



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Almost Done

The film is almost done.
Mr. Brian Sorbo's Flickersound is putting the final touches on sound design & color correction.
I'm also going to change the name of the film - more of that on the next post.



The Big Deal will screen one more time in the new year - more of that on a future post