Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Bought a House & Made a Horror Film

That's my excuse for not blogging. Mateo and I are proud residents of the LBC!

When Matt and I met, he lived in Newport and I lived in Culver City. The ½ way point for us was Long Beach but Matt always came up to CC on the weekends.  When it came time for us to move in, Matt wanted to live in LA even though his job is at the southern tip of Orange County.  We lived in Marina del Rey/Venice for almost three years. We loved our time there but the commute was taking a toll on Matt.  
In February we started exploring Long Beach, it's a good mid point for both our commutes. We fell in love with  the beach town vibe, the sense of community and the diversity of the city.  Once we figured out where we wanted to live, we hired a realtor.  We put a bid on a house we saw on our second outing with the agent. Our bid got accepted and we closed escrow in March.
I moved from NY to LA in January 2003 – I landed at Long Beach Airport.  The second time I “landed” in Long Beach, I was wiser and better married (Matt is my 2nd and last husband, in case you didn’t know).  Life has a funny way of bringing you back to where you started!
Another cool thing happened when we got settled in the new house, we filmed most of GHOOOUL!  The “crew” was tiny – My friend Laura used her Panasonic GH2 and she was the DP. I was very lax about this whole production. I was prepared with my shot list and I got two amazing actors to play The Girl and The Man.  (I will write more about the shoot in the next post).
Owning a house will be great for productions. We filmed in our neighborhood and all the gore took place in the alley behind our house.  Carl, the SFX Artist was walking around drenched in blood and carrying a fake head so I'm glad the alley shielded us from public view. I'm relieved no one called the cops on us!
There were a couple of people standing near the alley as we set up the last scene, I was worried they were going to be nightmares but they were really cool and just watched and stayed out of the way. They clapped and laughed along with us when  we accomplished the final shot of the film.   
Below are some pics  for your enjoyment. Thanks to Teri from DizzidentFilms for capturing the fun.

We had a ton of fun and I can't wait to make the next one.