Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 San Diego Latino Film Festival

On Saturday, March 10th, 2012 The Big Deal shared the screen with some amazing films at The San Diego Latino Film Festival. The film was programmed under the Cine Mujer Shorts Program – films about women or the experiences of women.  
Matt and I spent the weekend at the festival and had a great time watching films and enjoying the festivities. Lisa Franek, Ethan Van Thillo and the rest of the staff did a great job organizing the event.

Below is a list of films and filmmakers that attended the screening and took part in the Q&A.

Libre Directo – Bernabe Rico Herrera – A frustrated wife, unhappy on her marriage, has the opportunity to win 300.000E by shooting a goal from half field. She gets trained by a man she meets at a field.

The description does not do this film justice. It was a lot of fun but also poignant. An older woman gets the courage to try something new at an age where most women, especially Latinas are expected to either be content with their choices or “sleep in the bed they made”. As she was getting trained to kick a soccer ball, I was rooting for her to make the goal and get the money but also to leave her old life behind.  

Child of the Desert – Iliana Sosa – A mother's love knows no boundaries.

 Child of the Desert won the Best Director award at BHLIFE the previous weekend (see my previous post for coverage from Teri at Dizzydentfilms). Iliana and her actors made magic in this film. Dale Dickey’s performance is riveting. 

Pescadora – Daniel Garcia - A young woman named Dora has always dreamed of becoming a fisherman like her father. However, everyone in her Peruvian fishing village wants her to marry instead. When Dora gets in a fight with her boyfriend Steven, she is forced to choose between marriage and following her dreams.

The description pretty much says it all. I was impressed with the cinematography set against a beautiful fishing village and an often “angry sea”. The director talked about the challenges of filming the scenes that took place at sea, dealing with a seasick cast and crew and having limited time in the location due to finances. This short is based on Daniel’s feature film script, I hope he keeps Jazmine Zapata Morante in the role of Dora.

The Big Deal – Lucy Rodriguez - Michele brings home her agnostic, vegan boyfriend to meet her Catholic, meat eating family. Based on a short story from the book How to Be a Chicana Role Model by Michele Serros.
The Bride of Frank – Kristi Uribes - Set in a 1950's Butcher shop, when The Bride wakes up without a memory, in a room full of meat, and with a lonely Butcher named Frank, she must remember who she was to discover who she is.

This film is visually stunning; the art direction and production design were perfectly in sync to compliment the director’sretelling of Bride of Frankenstein. In Norman Rockwell America, a seemingly friendly butcher kills a girl that refused his advances and stitches her up to create his perfect mate. The film perfectly captures the nostalgia, innocence and repression of the 1950s. Everything from the Bride’s stitches to the choreographed dancing meat is beautifully styled and set to a great score that includes an awesome cover of Mr. Sandman.

It's been great to have The Big Deal screen at two festivals, two weekends in a row. I hope this momentum keeps up.

Catalina Maynard, Me & Teri Carson of Dizzydent Films

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  1. I hope this movie runs on the east coast, too :)