Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michele Sez

Really? Latina Magazine published an excerpt from Chicana Role Model? I don’t remember having an excerpt published or receiving a payment for such. I'm gonna have to hunt them down...

Also, after reviewing the records of our early courtship (i.e. myspace messaging which I included below) I see you originally wanted to option Role Model Rule #3, not The Rule for which you are currently going into production What made you change your mind? I thought our initial connection was the whole white-long-haired-rocker-hubby thing? Or, wait, did you option both Rules? I don’t remember receiving a payment for such…
PS. And, coincidently, Chicana Role Model WAS written just for you!!

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From: LucyDate: Oct 22, 2007 3:21 PM
Hola Michele,
I hope your book tour is going well.
Once I'm done with my film shoot on November 18th I look forward to reading Scandalosa:-)

I wanted to ask you if it's possible for me to option a chapter from How To Be A Chicana Role Model. I'm interested in Role Model Rule # 3 - Remember, Commerce Begins At Home.

I'm entering AFI's Directing Workshop For Women and part of the entry requirements is that you enter with a short screenplay. Preference is given to work not written by the director because part of what they judge your entry is your ability as a director to identify or create material for development. I would have my friend Gus Avila adapt the story. I can send you a sample of his work if you'd like, he is super talented and I know he will do justice to your story.

This option would be on a non exclusive basis so you retain all your rights. The program is super competitive (they only select 8 women or 4% of applicants). Below is a link in case you want to check it out. http://www.afi.com/education/dww/app.aspx

If you want to see something I've done, there's a 30 second spot that I wrote and directed for Film Independent's Project:Involve. I can also send you a copy of my film script.The early deadline for this is December 1st, so I'd appreciate it if you could let me know soon.

Talk Soon,

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