Monday, March 28, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry for the long absence. I took "time off" to catch up with life. Last year was a super busy/crazy whirlwind of a year. In December 2009 my car was stolen while I was spending the Christmas holidays in NY. I found the car two weeks later a few blocks away from my house. I was relieved that I did not have to spend money on a new car. In March 2010, my place got broken into w/out any sign of forced entry. The police felt that someone had the key to my place. Matt came over that night from his place in Costa Mesa and changed my locks. I did not feel safe because my bedroom window was huge (from floor to ceiling) and it was pretty easy to open from the outside. I moved out as soon as I could.

I got a great apartment a few blocks from the beach. The cost of moving was expensive and the rent was higher than my previous rent. The Big Deal was supposed to shoot in early May but due to the move and having to replace my MacBook, the film got pushed to December. Matt and I got married in July, we went on our honey moon in late August and then went to Dominican Republic in November. As you know from reading this journal, I shot The Big Deal in December.

The rest of December and January was spent finishing up the movie. I threw my back out in mid January and after it healed I got the flu for about two weeks and then my back went out again! Turns out I had a pinched nerve. Last week I got a cortisone shot. I'm finally healing and will be able to start working out again.  I believe that things happen for a reason and in this case, the reason was that my body needed a break. In the last six weeks I've read, watched movies and have been cooking pretty regularly. In that time, I did not do much writing or anything pertaining to my next project. I have to admit, the "rest" felt good but now it's time to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty again.

I don't like sharing too much personal information but the point of this blog is to tell it like it is. It's not easy for me to make films while I work full time. Sometimes, I wish the days had 36 hours because maybe then, I could get through my "to do" list.  I like my day job and I am grateful that in a time when so many are out of work I have a great job that pays for my art.

I am starting pre-production on my next film. I have the two main parts cast. I start a new directing workshop at Judith Weston's next week to workshop "Alone".

 My goal is to make Alone and two more shorts before I direct my feature film. I am outlining the script and will start writing the script after I complete Judith's class. I know it sounds crazy but ideally, I'd like to shoot my feature when I'm on maternity leave sometime in 2013.


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