Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Really Good Things In Indie Film Biz 2011

by Ted Hope | January 2, 2012 | Link to article below
Below is a list by Ted Hope of 15 Really Good things that happened in Indie Film in 2011

1.      2011 Was The Year That Crowdfunding Took Off
1. Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act (H.R.2930) was passed by the House of Representatives earlier this November.
2. Films readily surpassed their goals.
3. Many exceeded $100K
2.      The Rise Of The Artist Entrepreneur
1. And media starts to notice

3.      Festivals Recognize That Serving The Filmmaker Means More Than Showing Their Film
1. Sundance's Artist Services
2. Tribeca Is A Distributor (Profit motive aside)
4.      Micro Went Macro
1. MMMM, Another Earth, Like Crazy, Take Shelter, Weekend, Bill Cunningham
1. Films made for pennies reach significant audiences in US & get real attention
5.      The Community Theaters Triumph & The Art House Convergence Is An Institution
1. Theaters are more than just a movie house, but a community center
2. Value of movie attendance is beyond entertainment
3. Art House Convergence will have over 250 bookers of indie theaters
6.      The Conversation Of The Future Of Film Takes Hold
1. Tribeca, NYU, Columbia w Lance Weiler
7.      VOD Starts To Deliver Real Numbers
1. Margin Call makes $4M VOD while Day & Date
1. With simultaneous web streaming in addition to cable
8.      Direct Distribution Is A Viable Alternative
1. Kevin Smith, Eddie Burns, Louis CK, Producers Distro Agency
9.      Filmmakers don't rely on Theatrical
1. Ed Burns skips theatrical on both Nice Guy Johnny & Newlyweds
1. AND: makes a real profit
2. Kevin Smith's road show
10.  Art Film Sensibilities Embrace Horror Genre
1. Martha Marcy May Marlene, We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Skin I Live In, The Innkeepers, and others I have not yet seen.
11.  Plethora of Platforms
1. 34 and counting
2. Personalized VOD Players: Distrify, DIY, Dynamo
12.  Cord Cutting becomes common place
1. Levels the playing field for indies as Cable providers rarely acquired truly indie content
13.  Tax Credits & Film Incentives are not going away (as we recognize they are job/revenue stimulus)
2. New York State's production at high levels

14.  Tons of new films stars with tremendous talent have not only arrived on the scene, but have been noticed.
15.  The Dominance of the feature film form is starting to end...

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