Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why My Next Film Will be a Horror Film

I can’t believe I have not posted since May! Why the silence? I got depressed. Why? Someone who loved my script for Alone promised me $$$$ (we are talking the almost 20k) the film would cost. Then said person got laid off from their lucrative job and before I could get my hands on the check the money was gone. I wanted to shoot the film this year, I contemplated a Kickstarter campaign but I don’t have the resources to raise more than 5k on that platform. So I put it aside, I decided to take a break.

During my hiatus from filmmaking and fundraising I attended The Viscera Film Festival in early July. This is one of the most inspiring filmmaking events I’ve attended in the last 10 years of La La Land living. It’s a horror film festival of films directed by women. Unlike every festival I’ve been to, Viscera’s audience was comprised of mostly fans of the genre.  Fans, as in your future audience, as in, these people will support your work because they are loyal to the genre and if your work is good, will be loyal to you. It is these fans that will ensure that your horror film will make its money back and enable you to keep working.

The festival lineup showcased a wide range of films from all over the world. It was liberating to attend a festival where the work on the screen was fun to watch.
I’ve always been a big fan of horror because there’s nothing better than having a good scare in the comfort of a safe environment. I’ve always wanted to make a horror film. My first feature The Brown Widow will be a horror movie so why wait until then?

I was going to make a short version of The Brown Widow but decided to write something different, something simpler but gory that I can shoot in one day because this will again, need to be financed by me! I came up with GHOOOOOOOUL! a slasher film about a young girl in peril who turns the tables on her abuser. Very similar in theme to “Alone” but a completely different story. Did I mention there will be blood and maybe body parts flying around.

My goal is to approach this as guerilla filmmaking 101; smaller crew, 2 non union actors, budget of $1,000 and I will have fun making this one. Once I’ve liberated myself from unions, insurance and location fees, a lot of the pressures that have plagued me as a writer/director/producer will be off. All I need to worry about is getting good performances out of my actors, providing an excellent meal for my cast & crew and convincing my professional friends to give me a day of free work!

GHOOOOOOOUL! goes into production in mid October.

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  1. GORE GORE GORE, I LOVE GORE!!! Sounds great Lucy, I can't wait.