Friday, December 3, 2010

One Day 2 Go

Last night I bought more props - the most important props - the food props. One of Michele's friends pointed me in the direction of Tops Value in Culver City. It's a huge Latin market with everything you can possibly imagine and then some. I was in heaven when I saw their Goya aisle, and they even have pork shoulder to make pernil, but I digress. I bought the meat based props and cooked the meat for the tamales filling. I bought the cheapest meat I could find (this is a prop and no one will eat it). I bought it already seasoned because I did not want to touch it. I nearly threw up cooking it, it smelled so nasty. I was going to make the masa for the tamales but good lord, I found a huge bag of already premade masa. The opening credit scene is of Alma and Michele making tamales. It will be a short sequence, about 20 seconds long but like everything else, 20 seconds of film/video takes a lot of prep work.

Last night I was able to sleep, so I'm happy about that.



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