Friday, January 11, 2013

Anxiety Girl

I'm very happy these days but I think that in order to feel "normal" I need something to worry about.  I'm having too much fun in he improv class, so I decided to torture myself in a healthy way (I have made a lot of progress in my 6 years in therapy) and enroll in a scene study/master class.

It's been a while since I've taken a class with Judith, this will give me a chance to delve into script analysis, do character work and give me the right amount of anxiety.  The classes themselves are hard for me because Judith really pushes you to challenge yourself and work from a place of truth.  I am taking the Woody Allen master class. The material is funny because it comes from a dark place. I know that Judith will push me out of my comfort zone to get an honest performance out of me and by the end of the class I will be a stronger and more confident director.

The link below gives a description of the class.

Judith Weston's Master Class

Below is the monologue I will deliver the first day of class, I strung these together from Alvy's VO in Annie Hall. God help me! What have I done?

I have a very pessimistic view of life.
You should know this about me if we're gonna go out, you know.
I-I-I feel that life is-is divided up into the horrible and the miserable.
Those are the two categories
The  horrible would be like, uh, I don't know, terminal cases, you know?
And blind people, crippled ...
I don't-don't know how they get through life. It's amazing to me.
You know, and the miserable is everyone else. That's-that's all.
So-so when you go through life you should be thankful that you're miserable, because that means you're very lucky ... to be be miserable.
 Annie and I broke up and I-I still can't get my mind around that. You know,
 I-I keep sifting the pieces of the relationship through my mind and-and examining my life and tryin' to figure out where did the screw-up come from, you know, and a year ago we were  in love. You know, and-and-and
... And it's funny, I'm not-I'm not a morose type.
I'm not a depressive character.
I-I-I, uh, I was a reasonably happy kid, I guess.
You know, even as a kid I always went for the wrong women.
I think that's my problem. When my mother took me to see
Snow White, everyone fell in love with Snow White.
I immediately fell for the Wicked Queen.

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